Friday, September 19, 2008

All Things Wise and Wonderful

by James Herriot

This was a good book, but I can't wholeheartedly recommend it. My wife did. She's enjoyed the whole series and thought that I would like it too. She suggested many months ago that I grab one of the two James Herriot books off the shelf and have a read. So after a proper amount of delay--one mustn't respond too quickly to one's wife's suggestions, after all--I grabbed this one and stuffed it into my lunch bag so that I could leisurely peruse the volume over my lunch hours. This is where I erred. Oh, the stories were fine--well written, full of warmth and humor. I did think it a bit odd that a book set during Mr. Herriot's RAF service was predominantly full of flashbacks, but that didn't really spoil the book for me. No, the problem is that All Things Wise and Wonderful, like the other books in the series, are anecdotes culled from Mr. Herriot's veterinarian practice. So while I'm trying to enjoy my bologna sandwich and nibble my Doritos, Mr. Herriot is sticking his arms into various barnyard orifices and describing all sorts of messy physical ailments. Fortunately I was hungry enough to carry through and finish both book and lunches. So if you are like me and enjoy some literature with your afternoon sustenance, be warned: This may be a book to save for after dessert.

Check it out at your own risk.
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