Saturday, September 06, 2008

Justice Riders

by Chuck Dixon, J.H. Williams III and Mick Gray

(I don't normally review comic books, but this one has an ISBN, so I'll make an exception.)
Sometime back the folks at DC Comics must have stumbled across the notion that since their comics are so archetypal, they could take their characters, drop them into a whole new scenario and milk a story out of it. Having been a comics junkie for decades, I tend to enjoy these little jaunts of fantasy, enjoying all the little references to the original mythos that have been tucked into the tale. In Justice Riders, you have the Justice League of America (circa 1997) as they might have existed in the Old West. Sheriff Diana Prince is seeking to avenge the destruction of her town, Paradise. In her quest she gathers people of unique skills to help her--Kid Flash, the Hawk Shaman, Booster Gold, the Beetle and the mysterious manhunter John Jones. They hunt down the wealthy industrialist Maxwell Lord and try to bring him to justice. It's a deliciously rendered offering; a steam-punk tale with just a touch of super-hero fantasy.

Check it out, pardner.
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