Saturday, October 18, 2008

Invaders Classic

by Roy Thomas, Frank Robbins, et al

This was purely a comic book fan-boy purchase from the Friends of the Library sale. I really enjoyed Roy Thomas' work on DC Comics, All-Star Squadron, so naturally I would pick up this collection of Marvel Comics' Invaders series. I mean, they both tell the tales of super-heroes during World War II and all, right? Yeah, sure. For the record, let me state that while The Invaders does offer an enjoyable read, it's not quite a classic--even by comic book standards. Frank Robbins art is dynamic, but it's a style that I've never quite enjoyed. And the writing is somewhat formulaic. Fortunately Mr. Thomas did better when he tried his hand with another group of wartime heroes. But none of this is important when there's a collection to complete, eh?

Eh, waiting room material.
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