Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fables: Legends in Exile

by Bill Willingham, et al

What if characters from fairy tales were real? What if they lived in the real world? How would they survive? How would magic and modern technology interact? That's part of the premise of the Fables series published by DC Comics' Vertigo line. In this series, the Homelands--the worlds of the people and creatures in our storybooks--have been invaded and conquered by an entity known as the Adversary, causing many to seek asylum in other dimensions. A fair number have ended up in our world, making their home in an apartment complex in New York State. They run their own little community there, complete with a mayor, sheriff and staff. In this first collection, Rose Red, the sister of deputy mayor Snow White, has apparently been murdered. Sherriff Bigby Wolf has to solve the case. Who killed Rose Red? Was it her boyfriend Jack Horner? Her secret lover, Bluebeard? Was it suicide? Or is it something even more diabolical? All in all, Mr. Willingham weaves an interesting tale, giving a new twist to many characters whom we've loved for years.

Gotta find space for it on my shelf.
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