Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thief of Time

by Terry Pratchett

I looked for Night Watch at the Friends of the Library Sale. Didn't find it. Picked up this instead. It's also a Discworld tale. It's also amusing. It's about the building of the perfect clock--which is a bad thing. The first time they built one, time stopped. Fortunately it wasn't exactly perfect, so it broke and time was restored. This latest perfect clock, however, threatens to be new and improved. It must be stopped. Well, more like not started, since you can hardly stop before you start. Unless you're a time traveller or something. But since there's no time traveller here, they need to prevent the startage from, er, starting. You see? Oh, just read the book, already.

Eh, I'll keep it on my shelf--I've got room.
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