Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Starman Omnibus: Volume 1

by James Robinson, Tony Harris and Wade von Grawbadger

Wow. This is just... wow! Great! Wunderbar! Incredible!

Maybe I should elucidate. I've enjoyed comics practically all my literate life, really becoming a fan in the mid-seventies. By that era, the staples of the super-hero genre--the heroes from DC and Marvel--were pretty well established. I spent many an hour delving into the treasure trove of their history. The comic books and characters that had their start since that era, however, I've usually found lacking. I've bought many a premiere issue, wanting to get into the character, along with its setting, its supporting cast, its rogues gallery and ended up being disappointed. The magic just wasn't there. So anyway, back in 1994, the new Starman came out. I heard a lot of good things about it, but money was tight and comics weren't as appealing to me as they used to be. I didn't check it out. I mean, hey, Starman? I always considered him just a Green Lantern wannabe. If I had only known then what I know now, I might have been spending more money. Or maybe I would have been too young to appreciate it. Anyway, now it's 2009. I picked up this collection of Starman issues 0 through 16, read it and... wow. This is the series with that classic quality. Interesting characters, intriguing setting and a hero with an honest-to-Ghandi personality. I don't have the money for it now, but one day I'd like to get a copy of this sucker. Or maybe I should dare to haunt the comic shop back issue racks one again?

I want it on my shelf!
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