Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Fool Moon

by Jim Butcher

As I read this book instead of The Grapes of Wrath, it occurred to me that The Dresden Files are literary potato chips. I just want to keep reading more and more and it spoils my appetite for more wholesome literature. Anyway, Fool Moon is the second book of this series about a wizard-detective. I have to admit, I enjoyed it more than the original. There's a rash of grisly murders in Chicagoland and Harry Dresden finds out about it belatedly. After the events of Storm Front, Harry's relationship with the Chicago Police Department's Special Investigations unit has cooled somewhat. It's only after the cops have been stymied for a couple months that Lt. Murphy finally seeks his aid. The mystery this time, in case you haven't guessed from the title, is werewolves. It was an entertaining read, though I think Mr. Butcher went a bit overboard in trying to include every werewolf legend he could find.

I put on my shelf anyway.
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