Friday, December 03, 2010

Ulysses S. Grant

by Geoffrey Perret

This book is subtitle "Soldier & President", but you get far more of Grant the Soldier than Grant the Chief Executive. The biography starts off, as most do, with a somewhat brief account of Grant's childhood. The chapter surrounding his enrollment and education at West Point offers more detail and then you get a nice, detailed account of his service before, during and after the Mexican War. The Civil War years enjoy the most scrutiny, but then Mr. Perret rushes through Grant's years as President. 'Twas quite a surprise considering how much many of the other presidential biographies I've read focused on politics. I can't say that it's a bad thing--after all, I think the common consensus is that Grant was a far better soldier than he was a politician. As the former, Mr. Perret holds Grant in very high regard, ranking him on the same level of Napoleon. But don't think this is merely a book for military fanboys. Mr. Perret also serves up a lot of information of Grant's personal life. All in all he presents a well rounded, if private, man in a style that is quite readable.

Check it out.
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