Friday, May 06, 2011

Firefly: Still Flying

by Ben Edlund, et al

I have fallen so behind in cultural literacy. (Well, pop-cultural literacy, anyway.) 13 years of working second shift, two years of living overseas and various periods of overwork means I watch broadcast TV about once a year and read through a newspaper only somewhat more than that. So, there'sa number of things I've missed. One of them being the 2002 TV series Firefly. Oh, I heard a bit about it--a unique bit of science fiction with a dedicated fan base--but that was years after it had aired. I figured I should check it out, but it took me a while.

Anyhoo, it's now been checked out. Literally, as i borrowed the series from the Library. The first episode didn't blow me away like 2009's Star Trek reboot. But it did slowly seep into my heart. I started reaching for the next disc in the set like an addict and I ended up cancelling my library hold on the feature film, Serenity because I bought a used copy at Silver Platters. Get me fitted for a brown coat...

So why I am telling you all this in a book review blog? Well, hey, Firefly is a science fiction phenomenon and sci-fi phenomena (phenomenons?) mean merchandise... which,of course include books. Still Flying is pure fanboy material. Big glossy photos. Quotes from the actors and production staff. Behind the scene articles. I found myself enjoying it as much as I enjoyed the Best of Trek collections back in my Trekkie days. The book served to fill in some of the background of the series, its story and its production. Oh, and there's also three little short stories in the book as well. A nice little bit of dessert after devouring the DVDs. So if you've watched each episode of Firefly, have sat on the edge of your seat through Serenity and find yourself wanting more, you might want to do as I did and check this book out.

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