Sunday, June 05, 2011

Blondie, Volume 1: 1930-1933

by Chic Young

One of the classics on my shelf is Blondie and Dagwood's America, a celebration of Blondie's first 50 years with an historical essay and plenty of reprints. It was in that book that I learned about the strip's beginnings, the tumultuous courtship between flapper Blondie Boopadoop and railroad heir Dagwood Bumstead. The book has been well loved over the years--my children, my wife and myself have managed to totally dog ear the covers and trash the binding. Anyway, the other day I was browsing the stacks at the downtown library and noticed a new Blondie collection--the complete archive of the strip from 1930-1933 covering the full courtship of Dagwood and Blondie. Oddly enough, I thought about passing it by. I'm already in the middle of a couple of books and I didn't need to start another. But I grabbed it anyway, just for laughs. And laughs I got. While the plots are a bit twisted and continuity is often sacrificed for the sake of gags, Blondie was funny. Still is, now that we can read this book. So now I have another tome to think about buying and another volume to be on the look out for on the library shelves.

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