Friday, October 14, 2011

Justice Society: Volume One

by Paul Levitz, Gerry Conway, and many more

This one's a reprint volume collecting a number of issues of the All-Star Comics revival in the mid-1970s. I had purchased the first couple of issues back in the day, then went on to other things. After falling in love with Roy Thomas' All-Star Squadron in the 1980s, I picked up a few more back issues. I discovered that this version of the Justice Society was, well, lacking. The plotting was awkward and artificial, with characters arriving and leaving seemingly at random. The writers just plop some angst in your lap, expecting you to care about the characters. Instead, I found myself wondering how the editors let this get printed in the first place. Of course, then I look again at the art by Wally Wood and Keith Giffen and understand. I'd be inclined to keep the book for that reason alone, even if I didn't still have some of the comic book fanboy's collector mentality.

'Tis pretty looking waiting room material.
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