Tuesday, February 07, 2012

DC Universe Legacies

by Len Wein, et al

Legacies, in my humble opinion, is DC's version of the Marvels mini-series that came out in the 90s--a series retelling some of the stories of past comics through the eyes of a regular guy. Unfortunately, despite being drawn by some of my favorite artists, it's an inferior version. In Marvels, Kurt Busiek limited himself to only part of the Marvel Universe's history, focusing on his main characters reaction to a handful of stories. Mr. Wein takes us from the 40s right up to the present, switching back and forth from his protagonist and the events--usually the one of the big summer crossovers--of the era. In the end, it just wasn't satisfying. In fact, I'd have to say that the best part of this collection is the short backup stories that follow the main opus.

Good for waiting room material.
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