Thursday, February 23, 2012


by Todd Myers

A central, yet unspoken, lesson of this book is, "You can't believe everything you read." Mr. Myers shows how this tenet is shown in the realm of environmentalism. In particular, he focuses on those movements which capture the public imagination, cause political and social action, and yet, are really a bad idea. He calls them "Eco-fads". First he explains them, and explores how different social forces bring them about. Then he looks at specific examples and points out how the arguments and data against them have been marginalized or just plain ignored. There are a lot of folks out there who want you to buy into the latest "green" scheme--people with an agenda, looking to modify your behavior. Of course, in the course of the book, Mr. Myers shows that he has his oen values, priorities, and possibly even an agenda. But as with anything, its usually worthwhile to hear and consider what both sides have to say.

Check it out.
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