Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Chronoliths

by Robert Charles Wilson

The review for this book in the Unshelved Book Club intrigued me so I had to give it a read. What if you got a message from 20 years in the future? What if the message was bad news? In The Chronoliths, the message is from a guy named Kuin--it's a large monument that pops up in Thailand, commemorating Kuin's victory in a battle there. Freaky. But then another monument, or chronolith as they're soon dubbed, appears. Then another. People and governments, especially in Southeast Asia, are suitably concerned. The story follows the mystery from the perspective of an American ex-pat, who happened to be nearby when the first chronolith pops up. Did I say happened? Actually, there seems to be some connection between his life and these chronoliths. Overall, I enjoyed the book. The story didn't grab me like Robert Sawyer's Flashforward* did, but Mr. Wilson did a commendable job of taking the idea of the chronoliths and showing how their very presence would affect people around the globe.
*Just reread my review of Flashforward. Not very original, am I? Maybe I was just channeling this review from the future. Yeah, that's it....  

Check it out.
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