Friday, May 18, 2012

The Lincoln Hunters

by Wilson Tucker

This is a tale of time agents--people from the future who time travel unto the past on a mission. Unlike many such tales, where the travellers are secret agents trained in various forms of hand-to-hand combat, the agents of The Lincoln Hunters are more actors than warriors. Their job is to maintain their cover while accomplishing their objective. In this case, the objective is to record a speech given by Abraham Lincoln in 1856. There are four agents assigned to such a task, but the leader, Benjamin Steward, is sent in first to get the lay of the land and finish planning the operation. The problem is, there's an engineering glitch and his re-con has to take place the day after the speech. Steward returns to get his team and arrive on the correct date, but it becomes a race against time to get the speech and get out of there before his past self arrives. According to the engineers, a person can't exist twice in the same moment of time. They've never been willing to test what, exactly, will happen, but they're pretty sure it will be bad. All in all this story is not a masterpiece, but it's certainly good enough for some lunch time reading.  

(or, to read in the waiting room)
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