Thursday, May 03, 2012

Muslims, Christians and Jesus

by Carl Medearis

The book begins with the line "People need an enemy." (written by Floyd McClung in the foreword.) Whether that's true or not is a question not dealt with in this book. What is covered is the belief that, for a Christian, that enemy should not be every Muslim man, woman and child in the world. Mr. Medearis draws on his 12 years of living in the Mid-East and explains about Islam, Muslims and how Christians can relate to them through Jesus. I found the book to be informative, entertaining and thought provoking. Back when I attended the seminar on Understanding Islam and wanted to buy one of Carl Medearis' books, I had a choice between two titles. After buying and reading my choice, and borrowing and reading this book, I think I might have made the wrong choice. I have to give Muslims, Christians, and Jesus back to the library, but I'd rather put it on my shelf.

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