Friday, November 02, 2012

Post-Modernism 101

by Heath White

I love my wife. I love being married to her. Some days I'm more aware of the myriad reasons why I love being married to her. Today one of those reasons is this book. It's a library book, borrowed on her card and I'm so glad that she not only found it but also that she let me read it, too.

Post-Modernism 101 is an basic intro to the worldview of post-modernism from a Christian perspective. Unlike a lot of pieces I've read on the subject, Professor White's approach is to look at post-modernism from a more philosophical perspective, presenting it as an outgrowth of modernism, which was itself an outgrowth of medieval pre-modernism. By comparing and contrasting the three worldviews, Professor White avoids the "us versus them" tone that seems so prevalent in other writings on the subject. After presenting the history of the three views, he walks us through their approaches to such basic concepts as truth, morality and the self. The result is that post-modernism is not portrayed as the proverbial "enemy at the gates", but the latest brand of philosophy that the Church must engage. Personally I found the book both surprising and encouraging--surprising because I often found myself disliking modernism's views more than the rest. It's definitely a book on want to put on my shelf for future reference.

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