Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christ Have Mercy

by Matthew C. Harrison

Y'know, back in the 19th Century, American politics was different than it is today. Presidential candidates didn't go about campaigning. They would stay home and write about the issues of the day, relying on others to hit the campaign trail and spread the word. This book has nothing to do with that. It's a look at mercy—the act of giving help to those who need it—as expressed in the Church and in the life of her members. Writing to Christians, Rev. Harrison weaves stories of mercy with the teachings of the church, showing how the former is built upon the latter. But in the process, he got me thinking about politics. You see, when he wrote it, his name was being bandied about as a potential candidate for the presidency of the Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod. He manages to touch on many issues that were of concern in that election. Made me wonder. Of course, whether he was campaigning or not, the book is full of good information and encouragement to those who want to share the mercy of Christ with others.

 My fellow Americans—check it out!
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