Monday, February 04, 2013

The End of Men

by Hanna Rosin

I don't know if I can say anything intelligent about this book--I found it hard to wrap my mind around. The premise is simple: The sexual revolution is over and women have won. Women are doing exceptionally well in modern, Western society and men are having trouble adapting to the new status quo. It seemed like an interesting idea, so I reserved a copy from the library. I read it and now I'm a tad confounded. I didn't connect with the book, really. On one hand, the topic was irritating. While as a modern, egalitarian person I should be above such partisanship, I have to admit that I do have an affinity for the male side in the battle of the sexes. On the other hand, I got the impression that this trend is not happening so much to my generation but rather to those following. It should be easy to slip into cranky old man mode and shake my head at those fool youngsters. Of course, that was part of the problem--the generation thing, not the old crank thing. The book seems well documented, with statistics quoted right and left, but it felt shallow, as if there were subcultures and social classes that Ms. Rosin was missing. But, then again, maybe that's just me, subconsciously looking for a reason to escape her conclusion. Anyway, it's only fit for waiting room material in my estimation, but maybe you'll find it more compelling.

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