Friday, January 09, 2015

Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

If I organized books by genre, I think I'd place this one with the horror books. There's nothing supernatural about it, but it creeps me out just the same. Lord of the Flies is a tale about a group of British school boys who survive a plane crash on a deserted island. Whatever adults there were on the plane died. The oldest kids take charge after a fashion, the leader being a boy named Ralph. At first it's kind of cute--even the elder kids are obviously children and it's amusing to see them try and establish a bit of order. But even at this stage in the book there's an aura of death. It's mentioned that the whole reason for the flight was to evacuate the children from a nuclear strike. And while at the start there's no explicit death scenes, it's pretty well established that some of the kids didn't survive the first night on the island. As time passes, the little society falls apart and the infant evil within the kids blossoms into full blown murder. It's a depressing little tale. But also so well written that I had no problem picturing the setting and the characters. I'm definitely glad I checked it out.

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