Friday, January 30, 2015


edited by Gerry Conway

I used to read more of this stuff in my youth--essays on popular culture, analyzing or speculating on the movies, comics or TV series of the day. But slowly I graduated to essays analyzing or speculating on the real world--religion, history, politics, sociology. Last week, I was over at the Bellevue library. My daughter wanted to borrow a few books that the had on their shelves.* I took the opportunity to raid their graphic novels and grab some brain candy. Amongst the other books on 741 shelves was this tome, a collection of essays on Spider-Man. Reading it gave me a flash of nostalgia. I didn't savor them like I used to do with those old articles on Star Trek or The Legion of Super-Heroes. But then, I think that's more to do with my current tastes than the quality of Webslinger's contents. Some of the essays were entertaining, some were meh. In the end, I was left with a desire to grab some Spider-Man comics off the shelf. The problem is, I'm in the middle of reading all my Avengers issues. So many comics, so little time...
*as Seattle residents, we can get a library card and borrow books from the King County Library System, but we can't place holds or get them delivered to the branch of our choice.

Amazing waiting room material
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