Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dangerous Days

by Pete Abrams

I've got four other books sitting around with bookmarks in them, yet for some reason I picked up this one and finished it instead of the rest. Okay, I suppose it is the shortest of the lot. That would account for a lot of it. And it's a Sluggy Freelance collection--book 9 of the series--which would account for the rest of it. In this volume Mr. Abrams finishes up the Ayleeorgnet storyline, Torg attends the Hoggelrynth School of Magic, Zoƫ moves back in town, Lord Horribus makes the annual attempt to capture Torg for the Dimension of Pain, and the Kittens return. Be afraid.

This is where I started reading the webcomic, so I've just got to keep it on my shelf.
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