Saturday, November 26, 2016


by Catherynne M. Valente

Decopunk. That's the word in the Unshelved book review that roped me into reading this book. Having encountered cyberpunk and steampunk before, I had to see what decopunk looks like. So what is decopunk? Um, I'm not quite sure. You see, the story also uses that old, old sci-fi trope that the planets of the solar system are habitable. Plus it's set in the heart of that universe's Hollywood. The era of big studios and movie star royalty. I, er, got so caught up in the book's world that I didn't bother to look for or consider and decopunkness.

Anyway, Radiance is a tale about Severin Unck, the daughter of a famous film director who becomes a filmaker herself. Between her childhood, completely documented--or rather, dramatized--by her father, and her own work, she becomes quite famous. That fame only increases when she disappears during her final shoot. The story of her life is told in flashback--switching between eras, jumping from production to production. In the process, the story reveals not only the mystery but also the rich universe Ms. Valente created for her characters to run around in. It was an enjoyable journey.

  Check it out!
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