Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Who I Am

by Pete Townshend

My friend Dave introduced me to many concepts back in high school. One was the concept of going to the library and reading up on an entertainer or show that you enjoy. Another was the band The Who. So I dedicate this review of Pete Townshend's biography (which I, of course, borrowed from the library) to Dave.

Who I Am is the autobiography of Pete Townshend, guitarist and principal songwriter for The Who. It was enjoyable to read, as many such life stories are. What struck me most was not the quality of the book but the revelation of my preconceptions as I read it. My connection with Pete Townshend has always been his work with The Who. Even his solo albums, to me, were just a side interest--a hobby as opposed to his real calling. Of course, for Pete Townshend, the Who was just one part of his life and his career as an artist. His autobiography is filled with so many other things that he felt and experienced. So I got a bit of a mini "culture shock" as I read about his marriage, his writing, his musical interests and the breadth of his work. It removed the image of Pete Townshend the rock idol in my mind and replaced it with the image of Pete Townshend the human being.

Check it out!
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