Tuesday, August 08, 2017

White Rage

by Carol Anderson, PhD

This book made me angry.* Dr. Anderson puts forth the idea that, since the Civil War, every time the African American community has made an advancement towards equality it's been met with a push back from white Americans, trying to take away those gains. She backs her thesis up with numerous examples of truly disgusting actions by everyone from working class mobs to the highest levels of government.

The book was hard to read. The anecdotes from history generated outrage, and there was no outlet. There were no "happy endings" offered where justice was done, where the good guys were rescued, the bad guys punished, or lessons were learned. Nor did Dr. Anderson offer up a plan of action, any hope that the cycle would end. But then, how many African Americans have had to live with that hopelessness over the centuries? I'm glad my wife pushed me to read the book and I hope I can keep its lessons in mind as I see events unfold around me. Who knows? Maybe I'll get an opportunity to push back against the push back some day.

 Definitely, check it out!
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* Is that a cheap gag? I'm sure it is. But it's the best hook I could think of.


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