Thursday, March 01, 2018

Humbug, Volume I

by Harvey Kurtzman, et al

Like many of my peers, part of my childhood journey included hours reading Mad magazine. Over the years, as I would read different issues and paperback collections, I began to learn about the magazine's history--how it started out as a comic book back in the 50s. Occasionally I would come across a reprint of a story from that era. They seemed to be wilder than the parodies of the 70s, and I always enjoyed reading them.

I never have got around to reading a collection of the old Mad comics, but I did pick up this collection of Humbug magazine, a 1957 endeavor by Mad alumni Harvey Kurtzman, Will Elder, Jack Davis, Al Jaffe, and Arnold Roth. The contents varied from mildly amusing to that old Kurtzman/Elder/Davis craziness. But for the most part, I enjoyed the collection mostly as a funny slice of nostalgia. I appreciated the jokes, but didn't connect with them the same way I would with humor from my own era.

'Tis excellent waiting room material
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