Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Song of Songs

by Christopher W. Mitchell

It's been a while since I've been content to do my daily Bible reading and call it good. Instead I also have to read books about the Bible, books on Christian history, and an occasional bit of (good) religious fiction. Not to mention literary forays into the writings of and about other religions as well. I am, I admit, a theology geek. But I've got nothing on the Reverend Doctor Christopher Mitchell. Rev. Mitchell has taken the eight chapters of the Song or Songs (aka Song of Solomon, aka Canticles) and written a 1,289 page, monster commentary on the book. It seems like he pulls apart each verse (not just the sexy ones), examining them for knowledge, wisdom, and, of course, Christ. I can honestly say that I both want this book on my shelf and hope to never have to read the entire volume again. If you're looking for insight on the Song of Songs, definitely snag a copy of this commentary.

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