Sunday, April 08, 2018

Sexual Morality in a Christless World

by Matthew Rueger

I grabbed this one because an ad piqued my interest. It promised a comparison between the sexual morality of the ancient world into which Christianity was born, and that of our modern age. Dr. Rueger delivered on that one. He actually presents the reader with two ancient worlds, looking at both the ancient Jewish culture from which Christianity sprung and the Greco-Roman culture within which to grew. It was a bit of an eye-opener. When reading it, I noticed that I have a bad habit of filling my ignorance of other cultures with late 20th Century American culture. The worlds Dr. Rueger presented were definitely not what I was assuming. 'Twas a slight shock, but the comparisons to Biblical teachings were interesting. Of course, as a pastor, Dr. Rueger is not writing to satisfy my curiosity. He then proceeds to bring in 21st Century American culture and likewise compare it to the teachings of the Bible. Again, it was interesting and helpful for those of us who want to try to live out those teachings in our daily lives.

Check it out!
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