Monday, June 25, 2018

Ghost Story

by Jim Butcher

Harry Dresden has has had to work under difficult circumstances before, but none of them seem quite as challenging as being dead. Ghost Story begins where the story should end--the death of the protagonist. This being an urban fantasy, however, we instead get an adventure with Harry the ghost. After a brief visit to the afterlife, Harry goes back to Earth to try and find his murderer and prevent the forces of evil from preying upon three of his friends. He finds that a number of months have passed and things have gotten rather grim since his last adventure. With typical Harry Dresden determination, creativity, and dumb luck he manages to overcome the handicap of being a spectre and help save the day. At the end, he goes on to his Eternal Reward... well, maybe it would be more accurate to say he goes on to What's Next.

Overall, the story was okay. It wasn't a satisfying sequel to the previous novel, Changes, mainly because it didn't offer a happy ending. After the all out war in that book, I was hankering for a return to "normalcy". That didn't happen. Ghost Story was probably very realistic in that sense. As far as its quality as a Dresden Files novel, it was pretty typical. You've got to love the characters and the mystery unfolds well. For fans of the series, it's worth checking out.

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