Friday, June 15, 2018

Ramona the Pest

by Beverly Cleary

You could say this is one of the oldest books in my collection, even though a) I only bought it a few months ago and, b) it was only written in 1968. Ramona the Pest is one of the books I remember having when I was a kid. After reading Beezus and Ramona last year, I told myself I should reread this one. When, months later, I saw this on a clearance rack at Half Price Books, I knew it was an omen. Or maybe just a bargain. Alas, I discovered that it was not as funny as its predecessor. There were plenty of smiles and chuckles, but I think I only came close to laughing out loud once. That said, it still was a fun read. Whoever bought me my first copy of the book, all those years ago, had good taste.

And for some reason (nostalgia?), I'm keeping it on my shelf.
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