Friday, September 21, 2018

Food Rules

by Michael Pollan

Just had my annual check up and, of course, I need to eat better and exercise more. Regarding the former, my doctor actually recommended that I read a book! He obviously knew the best way to get me to follow directions. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this book, Food Rules, was not some tedious tome of nutritional dogma filled with pedantic prose punctuated by the occasional chart. Rather Mr. Pollan serves up a selection of simple proverbs regarding food and eating, supplemented with light and amusing explanations and engaging illustrations by Maira Kalman. His rationale is that science really doesn't know as much about nutrition as book advertisements would lead you to believe. The culinary traditions of many cultures around the world, however, obviously know something since the human race hasn't died off of malnutrition. Of course, the folk wisdom of the ages does tell me to do a lot of things I know I should but don't want to do. But as scoldings go, it was very pleasant. Do check it out.

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