Thursday, September 13, 2018

Watching the Clock

by Christopher L. Bennett

I picked this one up to read on a flight from Chicago. It's been awhile since I read a Star Trek book. Alas, this one didn't make me want to pick up another anytime soon. Watching the Clock is not a tale of one of the TV series, but rather focuses on two characters from an episode of Deep Space Nine, who are agents of the Department of Temporal Investigations. It's a rambling tale consisting of various subplots that culminates in a shootout of sorts involving a variety of time travellers. Mr. Bennett managed to include a reference to every time travel episode from the franchise. I admire his research, but overall the book was unsatisfactory. I wouldn't necessarily toss it into the Elbe River, but I doubt if I'd fish it out if it happened to fall in.

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