Saturday, February 16, 2019


by Pete Abrams

The 15th collection of Sluggy Freelance strips is almost entirely the "Oceans Unmoving" storyline, a tale of Bun-Bun in the realm known as Timeless Space. I remember reading the original run online. It was quite a departure from the series--a story without the rest of the main characters. It wasn't exactly what I started reading the series for, but the concept of timeless space was intriguing and, hey, Pete Abrams is an amusing guy regardless of the tale he tells. In this collection, however, he tells the story straight through while moving the few filler and holiday strips to the end of the book. (And as I started laughing out loud again at the Christmas Ninjas, I realized that "Oceans Unmoving" was a departure from the series in a couple of ways.)

It's on my shelf.
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