Monday, March 25, 2019

Doctor Who and the Carnival of Monsters

by Terrance Dicks

Now this, this is perfect waiting room material. I've been having to bide the time while donating platelets. Bringing a book along is a classic way to spend an hour or two, but I can't bring one that's too interesting, because I also have to pay attention to the machinery that is alternately sucking and returning my blood. I also don't want to bring one that's too challenging, because the aforementioned machinery would also distract me from giving attention to what I'm reading. This book, however, is neither. Doctor Who and the Carnival of Monsters is a novelisation of a 1973 serial of the BBC series. The characters are two dimensional and the story is short and light, as one might expect from a TV episode. I found it entertaining enough, as I could easily visualize--remember, actually-- the actors and their performances.  It was also interesting to read through the story and recognize story devices that were required by a low budget show that had to be filmed in the confines of the studio. All in all it suited my needs perfectly. Maybe I should start amassing a collection of the rest of the series.

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