Monday, September 23, 2019


by Chris Arnade

This is a first for me--a thought provoking coffee table book. Chris Arnade is a writer, photographer, and former Wall Street trader. He lives in what he calls the "front row" of America. Years back he started walking in an "unsafe" neighborhood where he began to meet and speak with folks from the "back row" of America. It was a different world than his, and the experience made him see the front row in a new light. This led him to see out back row communities in other parts of the country and, eventually, led to this collection of photographs, anecdotes, and musings on the social divide in our country. There are a lot of opinions about the divisions in our society and what to do about them. The problem is when one voices opinions about other people without really knowing them. The best solution to that, of course, is to go talk to them. Second best would be to hear their stories. Dr. Arnade shares a taste of that and gave me a chance to examine my own world and opinions. (and, let's be honest, prejudices) It's a book definitely worth checking out, except maybe for those readers who only want the other side to go away.

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