Thursday, August 14, 2003

The Timekeeper Conspiracy

by Simon Hawke

Book 2 in the Time Wars series finds the time commandos interacting with characters from The Three Musketeers. This time around, terrorists from the 27th Century are looking to change history by killing Cardinal Richelieu, King Louis XIII and Queen Anne in 17th Century France. Two of the soldiers from The Ivanhoe Gambit are loaned out to the Temporal Intelligence Agency to help outwit the bad guys.This one is a lot more light hearted than its predecessor--whether that's due to the quotes from The Three Musketeers or Mr. Hawke is emulating Mssr. Dumas' style, I don't know. Having already starting reading The Three Musketeers and my edition's introductory essay, it seems that Mr. Hawke has done his homework and pulled some ideas from the sundry sources used by Alexandre Dumas. Anyway, this one's a good book based on a great classic. A tome to keep on my shelf.
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